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Fax your tax return

The IRS will not let you fax your tax return in. They will accept certain forms for missing documents but not the return itself.

That said, tax time is one of the highest use of faxes to send documents to accountants and other parties that may need backup material for preparing your taxes. You may also need to get copies of tax documents, and since faxes are legal documents they offer a fast efficient way of getting them. Continue to see what the IRS has to say about faxing your taxes.

The Following is from the IRS website on faxing.
Specific Guidance on Use of Faxes in Tax Administration

(Lists not all inclusive)

1.  The following specific documents/forms/letters will
continue to be accepted by fax in routine operations between taxpayers
and their representatives who are engaged in on-going contact with the

  • EIN Requests (Form SS-4)
  • Power-of-Attorney (Form 2848)
  • Taxpayer Authorization (Form 8821)
  • 1120S Election (Form 2553)
  • Request for Public Inspection or Copy of Exempt or Political
    Organization IRS Form (Form 4506-A)
  • Appeals Conference Requests
  • Responses/documentation needed to resolve filing or post-filing
    questions or correspondence.

2.  The following specific documents/forms/letters can be accepted by
fax if contact has been made with the taxpayer by phone or in-person
and the taxpayer history file is documented with the date of contact and
notation is made that the taxpayer wishes to send the
document/form/letter by fax:

  • Requests for Innocent Spouse Relief (Form 8857)
  • Taxpayer Statement About a Refund (Form 3911)
  • Injured Spouse Claim (Form 8379)
  • Installment Agreements (Form 433-D)
  • Collection Information Statement – Wage Earner (Form 433-A)
  • Collection Information Statement – Business (Form 433-B)
  • Early Referral Requests
  • Fast Track Mediation Requests
  • Request for Collection Due Process Hearing (Form 12153)
  • Letter to designate a payment
  • Letter to request non-filing of lien
  • Letter to request lien release
  • Letter to request lien withdrawal
  • Letter to request non-assertion of penalty
  • Letter to provide reasonable cause statement
  • Supporting Statement to Correct Information (Form 941C)
  • Election by a Small Business Corporation (Form 2553)

See the rest of their post here.

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